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Our handcrafted power objects feature naturally sourced crystals. Each purchase comes with a 10-day Soul Path online activation program, where you will deepen your connection to the medicine of the Eagle, and infuse your piece with purpose. 


Eagle is One

Eagle Medicine gifts you with the perspective to discover that which truly moves you - inspiring you to fly.


Here. Now.

May Eagle Medicine activate inner wisdom for you to understand what your unique self came here to do.


Embark on a Journey

Join spiritual healer and Winged Ones founder, Parashakti Skye, in a 10-day virtual Soul Path experience toward embodiment and self-discovery.

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Eagle Medicine Is...

Custom Power Object

Co-create a custom power object aligned with your intentions. Design a pendant that not only looks beautiful, but also resonates with your Soul and supports your spiritual growth and healing journey.

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activate your soul path

Each Power Object comes with a 10 day online activation program complete with guided meditations, exercises, and tools to assist you on your Souls Path.

May your Wings keep sacred and blessed.

May your Intentions be clear and honored.

May your Power Object shine a light on all those who you fly with.

May you Breathe your connection to all of life.

May your Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit be in Optimum Health.

In Dedication,

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