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Join the Winged Tribe

Are you interested in becoming a Winged Ones brand ambassador? If you're seeking ways to enhance your livelihood and Spiritual growth, our affiliate program can help you succeed. 

Enrolling in the Winged Ones affiliate program is easy, simply follow the steps below. Please note that enrollment is not automatic. Entry into the affiliate program requires approval from our team.

Step 1: Create your affiliate account. 

To begin, visit our AFFILIATE PORTAL and create your account. Once you have done so, you'll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Your sign-up will not come through unless your email address is verified. 


Step 2: Await approval. 

Our team will receive a notification of your sign-up. Upon receipt of this notification, we will either approve or decline your enrollment. If you have been invited to join the program by Parashakti, we will automatically approve you. 

If you have not received an invitation to enroll but are still interested in becoming an affiliate, send us a separate message upon completing the process below introducing yourself. Make sure to include your social media handles, current audience reach, and a brief explanation as to why you're interested in joining our exclusive tribe of affiliates. 

When your affiliate account has been approved, you will receive an email notification. 

Step 3: Set up payments. 

You're almost finished! From here, you have full access to your affiliate account dashboard. However, in order to receive automatic commission payouts when someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you need to connect a payment method. 

Navigate to the "Payments" tab along the top and then select "Setup" in the top righthand corner of the page. From here, you'll have three options in the dropdown: Venmo, PayPal, or Bank Transfer/ACH. 

Step 4: Manage your dashboard. 

You've made it to the final step of the set up process. Within your dashboard, you can update your profile, view upcoming commission payouts, and (most importantly) access your affiliate link! 

Simply copy your affiliate link to your clipboard and it's ready for sharing. Link it on your website, social media pages, in email outreach to your followers, and more. 

Affiliate commissions for silver and brass jewelry begin at 20% unless agreed upon otherwise. Apparel commission begins at 10% and gold jewelry begins at 5%. If you have been offered a higher commission rate, this will be manually adjusted by our team after you have completed account setup. 

Step 5: Spread wings & spread the word! 

As you share your affiliate link and the magic of The Winged Ones with your audience, it might help to have access to some of our branding guidelines. Review our BRAND KIT for more information on how you can effectively promote the jewelry line. 


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