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Oct 30, 2022

5 Best Crystals for Kids

Crystals are a beautiful gift that can help anyone feel more grounded, supported and loved. As children grow, begin t...

Sep 12, 2022

What is a Power Object? Sacred Talismans & Their Significance

You may see many references to "power objects" in the literature across our website. If you're wondering what precise...

Jul 19, 2022

The Best Crystals for Communication: 5 Gemstones for Speaking Your Truth

We are often encouraged to speak our truth, yet need guidance to find the right words and methods of communication in...

Jun 1, 2022

Eagle as Animal Totem: What is the Spiritual Meaning of the Eagle?

What first drew me to the Eagle in my work? Though the symbolic representations in Native American tradition go deep,...

Nov 2, 2021

Music as Medicine with Krishna Das

As a dedicated advocate for Movement as Medicine, the healing qualities of music have always been near and dear to m...
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