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5 Best Crystals for Kids

5 Best Crystals for Kids

Crystals are a beautiful gift that can help anyone feel more grounded, supported and loved. As children grow, begin to interact with the world around them, test boundaries and face obstacles, they need constant love, comfort, and support. 

When parents, loved ones and guardians can’t always be there to shower on love and support, crystals are wonderful tools that children can use to find their strength, calm, and peace as they venture into the world.

Below are some of the best crystals that can help children through some common obstacles, encouraging confident, secure attachment throughout their early years and beyond.

For aiding sleep

Both amethyst and rose quartz can be powerful crystals to help kids get a better night’s rest and keep anxieties at bay. Amethyst is specifically used to prevent nightmares. You can place a large, polished stone under your child’s pillow or near the foot of their bed for a peaceful night’s rest. 

Rose quartz is another stone that is particularly helpful for sleep, especially with infants and young toddlers who are learning that they are okay even without the physical closeness of others.

Rose quartz exudes a gentle, loving energy. It is known as the stone of unconditional love. You can place these around your child’s room or at each corner of their bed to help them feel comforted and ready for sleep.

For love, support & comfort

Because rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, it is one of the best for encouraging that sense of love, connectedness and comfort during sleep and also throughout the day.

This is particularly helpful when children are having a hard time separating from loved ones, like going to school for the first time. You can place a rose quartz stone in their backpack to help them feel comforted as they venture out on their own.

Pyrite is another wonderful stone for providing that sense of support and comfort for children. It instills a sense of security as it deflects negative energy and transmutes it to positive energy.

This stone is particularly helpful for children going through struggles with classmates at school or if they must spend any length of time in an environment where negative energy is more present. They can keep these stones in their pockets and/or bedrooms.

For energy, immunity & focus

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer” of all stones. It has great purifying abilities which can wonderfully assist in clearing brain fog, fatigue, emotional overwhelm and energy blockages. Because it helps in these areas, it naturally boosts immunity.

Pyrite is also known for boosting immunity and can fight the cold and flu. These stones are definitely ones you want to have in your children’s spaces during the season changes as season change often brings dips in energy, focus and shifts in the body’s immunity. You can place these stones wherever your children spend a lot of time, in the corners of the rooms.

For grounding & self-esteem

As children face struggles with confidence, self-esteem, or courage both pyrite and tiger’s eye will help to enhance these qualities. Pyrite is associated with confidence, belief in self and good luck, which can help children as they begin to test the waters at school or enter into a more rigorous academic experience. They can place these stones on their desks while taking tests or as they complete their work at home.

They can also do the same with tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye is especially helpful for children who love to drift off into the clouds frequently. This stone can help them return to the present moment and/or the task at hand.

Tiger’s Eye might also be particularly helpful in the bathroom, where children are often learning routines they tend to become distracted from completing, such as bathing, using the restroom, and oral hygiene practices. 

Sometimes just explaining the attributes of a stone and how it can provide support will help provide a child confidence and comfort throughout their day. As they learn to experience all the world offers, they learn they are supported in many seen and unseen ways.

If you are interested in learning more about some of these crystals or others that might be helpful for children, head to our Gemstone Wisdom Index for more images, descriptions and stones.


Photography by Conscious Artist & Winged Ones co-designer Sereza - 

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