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The Best Crystals for Communication: 5 Gemstones for Speaking Your Truth

The Best Crystals for Communication: 5 Gemstones for Speaking Your Truth

We are often encouraged to speak our truth, yet need guidance to find the right words and methods of communication in order to properly express ourselves. Fortunately, there are certain crystals and gemstones that allow us to embody better communication skills. 

Importance of Communication

There are a number of reasons you may want to improve your communication abilities. For starters, honest communication can help us forge deeper relationships. By establishing an open narrative with our friends and romantic partners, we can experience deeper connections. 

Communication is also a key factor in professional success. Perhaps you are interviewing for jobs and looking to improve your ability to accurately and effectively represent yourself to potential employers.  

Or, we may want to overcome roadblocks like social anxiety, performance anxiety, and shyness. Many of the crystals we'll cover below will help us overcome our barriers to better verbal expression and traverse the challenges that come with stage fright, timidity, or fear of rejection. 

Rose Quartz - Expressions of Love

Without a proper ability to express our feelings for our romantic partners, we risk creating distance, or worse, losing those relationships. Rose Quartz crystal allows you to tap into more loving communication by connecting to your heart chakra. Thus, it allows you to "speak from the heart." 

If you find difficulty in telling your partner how you feel, saying 'I love you', or sharing your vulnerability, this crystal will help. 

Labradorite - Expressions of Wisdom 

The labradorite stone is connected to your throat chakra, the chakra dedicated to communication and expression, making it the quintessential stone for this need. By inspiring boldness, confidence, and courage, it elevates your ability to be transparent. 

Oftentimes, what prevents us from starting a dialogue is fear -- whether it's fear of judgement, rejection, or mistakes. Labradorite imbues us with the bravery to overlook this overall fear of failure and speak our minds with authority. 

Clear Quartz - Expressions of Balance 

Sometimes, you are looking to elevate your ability to communicate so you can make an impact on others. Other times, you are doing it for your own sake: to create deeper comfort, set important boundaries, and free yourself of limiting beliefs. 

Its translucent nature and pure aesthetic make Clear Quartz the stone of clarity and amplification. It allows you to find your inner voice so you can acknowledge and convey the truths that you otherwise keep buried. 

Amethyst - Expressions of Spirituality 

Are you looking to establish deeper communication with a higher power? A force outside of yourself, separate from this physical plane, so you can find meaning? Amethyst is the stone of intuition, perception, and the Third Eye chakra. As a result, it allows us to communicate with our subconscious and unseen energy.

Turquoise - Expressions of Unity

Turquoise also connects to your throat chakra for amplified communication, and its general qualities of hope, inspiration, and openness make it ideal for communicating with the collective. If you are trying to make a change in your community or the world around, turquoise is the stone that will support your message of advocacy and compassion. 


To learn more about the healing qualities of our crystals, view our Gemstone Wisdom Index.

(Featured image by Eric Allen Photography)

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