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Vision-Nes Pendant

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The name Vision-Nes is derived from the Hebrew word "Nes," meaning "Miracle." It represents the correlation between one’s birthright to fly in great vision and the inherent gift to receive the miracle that you are soaring with.

Crafted with an elegant feminine touch, the Vision-Nes Eagle is a majestic Spirit Animal embodying grace, beauty, and strength. Suspended from a 30-inch chain, this power object nestles gently at the solar plexus. Its heart-shaped sacred stone signifies unconditional love and serves as the connection to infinite possibilities, reminding us that the sky's the limit. The wings enfold the heart, symbolizing protection and grounding, while the third eye of the Vision-Nes features a sacred stone that symbolizes unlimited vision. The back of the pendant's heart stone is left open, allowing the stone's healing properties to touch the body, mind, heart, and Spirit.

This stunning pendant comes with:
  • The Soul Path 10 day online activation program (consisting of guided meditations, Eagle Medicine teachings, and stone education)
  • Medicine Bundle altar box
  • The Guidepost journal companion
  • Link to watch the Dance of Liberation documentary on YouTube 
Embrace the essence of Vision-Nes, where the harmony of soaring with a vision merges with the Dance of miracles, offering a tangible symbol of empowerment and connection to the infinite.


Vision-Nes large: 4”

Vision-Nes small: 2”
Material: Sterling Silver


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