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Our Commitment to Survivors

We are offering 20% off our entire Sacred Jewelry collection with code HEALINGWINGS and donating 5% of the proceeds to send survivors of the Oct. 7th attack in Israel to the Secret Forest Trauma Therapy Retreat.

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On October 7th, Israel witnessed one of the most devastating terrorist attacks in its history, leaving the world in shock. Innocent lives were tragically lost as terrorists invaded homes in Israel's southern regions and a nature party nearby. What was meant to be a celebration of love turned into a heart-wrenching tragedy, leaving thousands of individuals shattered, lost, and struggling to recover. 

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The 'Secret Forest,' a sanctuary for renewal nestled in the mountains of Cyprus, was deeply moved by these events. In response, they have decided to take action. To support the survivors of this tragic event, they have dedicated a portion of their village villas for the purpose of healing.

Working alongside numerous qualified Israeli therapists and counselors specializing in trauma and anxiety, they have developed a unique program set amidst the forest. This program offers a five-day journey immersed in nature, with a primary focus on nurturing the wounded soul.

Within a remarkably short span, the first group of 60 survivors arrived at this healing haven. One of them beautifully expressed, "The moment I arrived, I felt like I was breathing for the first time in two weeks." Each day was thoughtfully structured, featuring a wellness program that included healing and touch therapies, guided breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, circle of listening, support groups, hydrotherapy, sound healing, meditative walks in nature, and more. Participants had the freedom to choose when and where they wished to engage, while therapists were always on hand to identify and offer support to those in need.

After a week in this healing environment, signs of progress and healing were evident among many participants. People came together, shared their stories, laughter filled the air, and hugs offered solace. As they bid farewell to the dedicated team, gratitude and tears flowed freely.

The demand for this transformative program at the Secret Forest is immense, with a waiting list of 1,400 survivors eager to embark on their own healing journeys. For the initial two weeks, the Secret Forest managed to cover all expenses through donations and volunteer efforts. However, to sustain this invaluable work, they require your support.

The subsidized cost for each participant in the five-day healing program is 1,000 euros. If you want to play a pivotal role in helping a survivor of the 'blood party' rediscover life and find strength, you are invited to join us in supporting the beginning of their healing journey.

Parashakti will also be releasing interviews with survivors from the Nova Trance Party and Secret Forest trauma therapists. 

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