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Embodiment Pendant
Embodiment Pendant
Embodiment Pendant
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Embodiment Pendant

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NOTE: If you select the 'Custom' engraving option (+$111), you will enter your desired text in the Notes section of your cart. Maximum 34 character limit for engraving text.

Soar with love, nest in your Heart.

What does 'embodiment' mean? In yogic terms, it is referred to as an Upward Salute. In Dance of Liberation™, it is the practice that honors the Circle of Life, a tribute to the natural cycle and symbiosis of all living things on Earth. In this pendant, both meanings are fully embodied. With the Eagle's wings stretched overhead, it serves as a prayer to Father Sky. Yet its round form, representative of grounding and connection, is a salute to Mother Earth. The standard engraving that comes with this pendant ("Soar with love, nest in your Heart) is a reminder to its wearer that we should fly with abundant compassion for those around us, yet always find home within ourselves.

“In this moment, I move into a celebratory consciousness, a grateful consciousness for the realization that as I surrender my life to the Real, it is made more and more manifest in my experience, placing me in alignment with what Is. With the simplicity of a child, I embrace the Real, even as it embraces me." - 'Embodiment' excerpt from Rev. Michael Beckwith's book, Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential.

This pendant is intended to be worn as a set with our CoCreator Cuff. Custom engraving option available.

Size: 62x48x5mm

Weight: 19.7g


About the Designers


Parashakti's shamanic healing work is born of more than two decades of experience facilitating workshops, trainings, and retreats around the world. Over the last 20 years, she has developed the Seven Foundations and the Dance of Liberation™ as maps for her spiritual practice, living and breathing these foundations in daily ritual.

She first began consciously dancing with the Eagle as a power animal, ally, and teacher two decades ago, when she first connected with indigenous American practices at the Naraya, a ceremonial dance of healing and renewal drawn from the traditions of the Native peoples of the Great Basin.

There, Parashakti encountered Nancy Eagle Spirit Woman, a carrier of Eagle Medicine, and Shaman Charles Lawrence, a medicine man who carries the Vision for the people. The spirit of Eagle spoke to her, and as she began learning to dance with and invoke it, she realized she had been dancing with Eagle her whole life. Thus, the Winged Ones came to fruition -- as symbols of the fearless energy that Eagle Medicine can instill us all with, and the Spirit of the Eagle that we may all embody in our day-to-day lives with Power Objects as our reminder.


The creation journey for this talisman bracelet has been a very magical, natural flow. The vision came through one night after Parashakti showed me one of the beautiful bracelets she had previously designed on her wrist. From there, inspiration took hold of me.

I showed Parashakti the design that had come to me and she immediately loved it. Shortly after, she took it to her jewelry makers to bring it to existence!

It is so magical and wonderful to witness the step-by-step process of bringing the CoCreator into reality, for you to make it your Power Object, infusing your beautiful energy and clear intent to "co-create" with our supreme Creator all the wonderful thing for your life, to enhance this world and to enrich the collective higher consciousness with your powerfully divine contribution.

Being a very artistic Soul has allowed me to tune in deeply to flow states, and to connect what is in my heart, mind, and soul to the tangible world.

I thrive in using music, oil painting, fashion design, and jewelry design as avenues of expression — expressions of love and gratitude for life, as well as connectivity with the collective.
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